LPG Lipomassage, an effective cellulite treatment, utilizes patented motorized rollers to gently work on the skin, releasing fat deposits, and reactivating lymphatic and blood circulation. This process of treating cellulite not only removes up to 70% of grease but also enhances collagen and elastin production, making your skin firmer.

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Our highly trained specialists are certified by the LPG company. (Daniele Henkel). 

One of our technicians will schedule a free consultation to advise you on the available treatments and offer the most appropriate care to obtain the best possible results.


After 6 sessions of 45 minutes, you get visible results on your body and, most of all, you lose where you want to lose! Remember it is important to maintain a good exercise regimen, to eat well and to drink plenty of water during the course of your treatment.

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A 50$ deposit is required to book a consultation followed by a treatment.

The 50$ deposit will not be reimbursed if there is a no show or a cancellation on the same day.

The 50$ deposit will be deducted if the appointment is respected.

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Case study

Discover the results we were able to obtain after the first half of a lipomassage and Venus Freeze cure. We have done lipomassage to reshape the waist and stomach areas and were able to firm the skin by adding Venus Freeze to the cure. The client had lost over 100 pounds before coming to our clinic. Even though she had adopted healthy living and eating habits, she needed help to restore her waist-line and skin tone. Our technician, Karine, suggested a combination of 30 sessions of lipomassage and 12 sessions of Venus Freeze.

The main objective was to reshape and tighten the waist and stomach areas. Amazing results were visible after only 14 treatments of lipomassage and 8 treatments of Venus Freeze. Aren’t you looking forward to finding out the final result?

Read our Venus Freeze & Lipomassage Case Study