Collection: Renaissance

Everything began on a winter night in 1996 as our founder, Danièle Henkel, was coming home after a long day. To relax, she decided to take a bath and then proceeded to her usual care routine. Lost in her thoughts, she realized that what she really needed at that specific moment was an exfoliating massage that she used to get in her native country of Morocco. A true purifying ritual for the body and mind!

At that very instant, she decided she would bring this ancestral ritual so dear to her heart to Canada, her new homeland. After several trips to Morocco, the first traditional exfoliating gloves were created and brought to North America; the Renaissance Glove was born. With the help of her four children, she began to win over the hearts of the beauty professionals in Québec by showing them the benefits the Renaissance Glove had on their skin. Convinced by the results, they began to integrate the mechanical exfoliation gesture in their treatments.

The family company was born, and Québec gradually became familiar with this gesture from Maghreb.
Today, after 25 years of doing business, the company which has remained independent and family-owned is proud to be able to say that the Renaissance Glove™ is Canada’s best-selling exfoliating glove.