When talking about medical aesthetic treatments, a lot of high end technologies are available to effectively treat a multitude of skin conditions. However, a very important aspect to consider for a successful cure is the patient’s personal involvement that has a direct impact on the results.

What does that mean? That no matter how many sessions you will take of a particular treatment, as effective as it may be, the quality and the sustainability of the results will depend directly from the good habits you’ll have adopt in relation to the treatment plan. We can think of the daily application of sunscreen to prevent the appearance of age spots after a photorejuvenation cure, of the adoption of a beauty regimen to treat a specific skin condition or, main topic of this article, to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the fight against cellulite and sagging skin.

For our second case study, we’ll present to you our client Julia who, following an amazing weight loss, undertook a Lipomassage and Venus Freeze duo cure at our clinic. 

Julia’s journey

Having suffered from obesity for several years, Julia decided, two years ago, to change her lifestyle drastically in order to achieve a significant weight loss and to regain good health. Training, nutrition, hydration, sleep … It is really all of her habits that she changed to regain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight.

If you have already achieved a significant weight loss – 90 pounds in Julia’s case when we met her for the first time – you know it can be extremely difficult for the skin to regain its tonus and its shape. It was the case of Julia whose skin had lost a lot of its elasticity despite her young age because of the many years where it had been stretched more than its natural ability. Moreover, like 85% of women, Julia suffered from cellulite and since overweight is not necessarily involved in the appearance of it, weight loss does not guarantee its demise.

Thus, it is to find back the firmness of her skin, to reshape her waistline and to reduce cellulite on her thighs that Julia has decided to undertake a cure of treatments at Skins Montreal. To begin, here is a testimony she sent us on her experience at the clinic :


Having always suffered from obesity, it affected my day-to-day living. The simple process of walking became a task that many days, I simply could not do as my body could no longer bear the excess weight. Many steps were necessary in my transformatio and in my new way of life. This has been a journey and one, which is not complete, but I am still daily working on it.

At my first visit at Skins Montreal, I had already lost 90 pounds and I wanted to know my options to reduce cellulite on my legs and regain the firmness of my skin at my waist line without having recourse to surgery that I considered risky and expensive.

After meeting with a specialist who took the time to evaluate my condition, a complete and personalized treatment plan was proposed to me in order to meet my specific needs. The proposed cure combined the action of Lipomassage and Venus Freeze to firm up my skin and fight against cellulite. Several recommendations and advice were also provided to me so that I gain the best results of my duo treatment.

It was explained to me that the quality of the results I would get directly depended on a healthy lifestyle to maintain, which coincided perfectly with the daily effort that I put in place to improve my health. So I continued to eat well, drink lots of water, to train daily under the guidance of a specialist in addition to respect the established schedule for my appointments with Skins and the results simply spoke of themselves.

The treatments and the service I received at the clinic were simply outstanding! The team was extremely attentive to the way my body responded and transformed following the treatments and my treatment plan has been continuously adapted to the observations made in order to always meet my needs that evolved over time.

It’s actually the combination of Lipomassage and Venus Freeze to which my body responded best and it’s this duo formula and the great expertise of the team that allowed me to get such impressive results. I am extremely grateful for everything Skins Montreal has done for me and I am very happy now to feel good in my body.

The treatment plan

At our first meeting with Julia, the goal was to assess the situation and to develop a treatment plan that would be able to achieve the established objectives. In this case, we had two main objectives : to reduce cellulite in her legs and to firm the skin at his waist line. After talking with her and learning more about her journey and about the many habits she put in place to realize her significant weight loss, we were able to choose the technologies that best meet Julia’s needs : Lipomassage and Venus Freeze.

Why was a combination of both technologies necessary to obtain optimal results? Well first, you should know that Julia’s system is a system that could be described as “slow”, which means that it takes more time than most people to eliminate fats and toxins. This means that Julia has to provide 2 to 3 times greater efforts – both in the gym and at the clinic – in order to obtain the same changes on her body than a person with a regular or a fast system.

Thus, the Lipomassage, which is THE anti-cellulite care and that has an amazing draining effect, was a first choice that made perfect sense. Indeed, since Julia’s circulation is a lot more difficult than most people, the motorized rollers of the Lipomassage helped to deeply reactivate, session after session, her blood and lymphatic circulation and to revive her natural elimination process of fats which is called lipolysis. In other words, Lipomassage was the “nudge” that the body of Julia needed to achieve effective elimination of toxins and stubborn fat and get an adequate blood and lymphatic circulation, two key aspects in the fight against cellulite.

The Venus Freeze meanwhile, which is a very effective firming and skin rejuvenation technology, aimed to restore firmness and elasticity of Julia’s skin. The energy emitted by the 8 poles of the applicator, which was a combination of RF and pulsed magnetic fields, increases uniformly and very precisely the temperature of the area to be treated, thereby causing the superb firming effect specific to the Venus Freeze technology.

The combination of both technologies was optimal because in addition to independently address the two targeted conditions, cellulite and sagging skin, the use of Lipomassage and Venus Freeze in tandem can actually multiply the results. Indeed, the skin and the fat is initially heated by the Venus Freeze, who works at this moment on the firmness of the skin, are then drained and more efficiently eliminated through the action of Lipomassage, that also helps to boost collagen production for an even more important firming effect. 

The results

It is following a course of 24 duo treatments of Venus Freeze and Lipomassage that these great results were obtained :

Not only do we note a significant reduction of cellulite on the legs and a superb sculpting effect at waist level, but it is also relevant to mention that the firmness of Julia’s skin has incredibly improved following her cure.

Her skin, which was previously much more flaccid, now has a firm texture and an elasticity markedly increased compared to the beginning of treatments. In addition, Julia measurements at the beginning and the end of the cure speak for themselves :

Before :

  • Thorax 34”
  • Waist 37 ½ “
  • Hips 39 ½ “

After :

  • Thorax 33” (-1”)
  • Waist 35 ½ “ (-2”)
  • Hips 37 “ (-2 ½ “)

The importance of a healthy lifestyle

As you now know, Julia actually decided to adopt and healthy and balanced lifestyle that allowed here to realize her significant weight loss. These same excellent habits she maintained throughout her treatment and that she still continues to maintain are also responsible for the excellent results obtained in clinic and in the sustainability they’ll have in time !

Lipomassage and Venus Freeze are both extremely powerful cutting edge technologies to get great results. However, patient involvement, in this case the excellent involvement of Julia, plays a very important role in the quality of the results! It’s actually because she put all the chances on her side and that she provided continuous efforts that her cure gave her such beautiful and important results.

For example, in addition to strictly follow the established schedule of her appointments, Julia continued to drink lots of water, to train daily under the supervision of a professional, to get full nights of sleep and to eat well. It is actually because she was fully determined to transform her body that she managed to take the best results of her duo treatment cure. 

In conclusion

To conclude, as you’ve seen in this case study, it is by using an adequate treatment plan and by the establishment of healthy habits that cellulite and sagging skin can effectively be treated. If you would like a personalized treatment plan to be developed for you after a complete analysis of your situation and your goals, enjoy a free consultation with one of our experts who will guide you efficiently!

That we talk about body treatments, facials, permanent hair removal and rejuvenation technologies, we offer a full range of treatments to meet your various needs and we will be happy to develop a unique treatment plan for you.