Recently, we were talking to you about a duo cure of Lipomassage + Venus Freeze which required 24 treatments. In this article, in order to show you that not all the bodies react the same way to treatments and that cures of various sizes can be made according to the identified needs, we present to you the results of a lipomassage cure WITHOUT Venus Freeze that involved 16 treatments only! 

The case

The client is the perfect example of a client who had an average level of cellulite and whose case was treated very well since her body quickly and effectively responds to treatment. In fact, the client represents the typical case encountered at the clinic in body treatments! Indeed, while some people who have a “slower” system may require a longer cure involving multiple technologies, most women have a “normal” or a “fast” system, allowing them to obtain interesting results in only 8 to 16 lipomassage treatments.

Of course, for maximum efficiency and above all, for optimal sustainability of the results, a healthy lifestyle is a very important factor to consider. For example, throughout her cure, the client made ​​sure to drink enough water every day, to have a healthy diet and to engage in physical activity to improve all of her lifestyle habits sustainably. It is because of this and because of the lipomassage treatments received that she was able to obtain and maintain the impressive results you can see below:



Here is also the measurements of the client before and after her lipomassage cure. In this case, the numbers speak for themselves! Moreover, we can notice a significant decrease in her body measurements although Majorie has gained muscle mass in her thighs during her cure through her training program . What does that mean? That centimeters in less represent a significant volume of stubborn fat that has been eliminated through the treatments!


  • Waist 41″
  • Hips 40 1/2″
  • Upper thigh 25″
  • Lower thigh 21″
  • Knee 17”


  • Waist 37 1/2″ (- 3” ½)
  • Hips 40″ (- ½”)
  • Upper thigh 24 1/2″ (- ½”)
  • Lower thigh 20 3/4″ (- ¼”)
  • Knee 16 1/4″ (-¾”)


The lipomassage

We talked to you about it in another article right here, the lipomassage is THE anti-cellulite treatment. Equipped with two independent motorized rollers, the lipomassage device gently works the skin to free the fat deposits and in order to reactivate deep blood and lymphatic circulation and the process of lipolysis, all for a disposal more than 70 % of fat.

Moreover, it is because it allows optimum circulation and increases elimination of toxins that the lipomassage fight as effectively against cellulite and that it boost, thanks to the different direction of rotation of its rolls, the production of collagen and elastin of the skin in order to strengthen and smoothen it.

It is also very interesting to know that the lipomassage frees resistant fat deposits that are difficult to get rid of DESPITE physical activity, a proper diet plan and a healthy lifestyle. Thus, if you make a lot efforts and that despite everything, you can not get the desired results, lipomassage is probably the solution for you! Moreover, at Skins Montreal, you can receive an absolutely free consultation with one of our specialists who will be happy to answer all your questions and prepare you for an intervention plan tailored to your needs.

In conclusion

As you now know, it is possible to obtain very interesting results in as little as 8 to 16 lipomassage treatments. Whether it is to remove cellulite, to firm your skin or to remove stubborn fat, lipomassage is a highly efficient technology that can be adapted to a multitude of skin conditions.

 You can consult our service page for more information on this excellent care and do not hesitate to enjoy afree consultation at the clinic to see which treatment plan is best suited to your needs!

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