If you are part of the 90% of women who have cellulite, you know that this is a problem that can quickly becomes annoying for those who suffer from it! A thing that it’s very important to understand when talking about cellulite is that the weight of a person has nothing to do with her predisposition to having it. A very thin woman can suffer from it and a curvy woman can show a perfectly smooth skin.

 If the weight is not the issue here, then who’s responsible? First, a bad blood and lymphatic circulation, which causes fluid retention and prevents the effective elimination of toxins, is the primary cause of cellulite. Also, the structure of the female fat tissue makes us much more favorable than men to develop cellulite, because it unfortunately allows fat cells to migrate to the dermis, resulting in the appearance of cellulite. Moreover, estrogen, which is the main female hormone, is also responsible for the migration of adipose cells to the dermis. Finally, the degradation over time of the collagen fibers in the skin decrease its elasticity, which amplifies the look of cellulite.

 Although these numerous causes can seem frightening and difficult to avoid, there is fortunately an effective solution to fight against cellulite: Lipomassage!

How does it work

 First, lipomassage is a non-invasive and safe treatment, which requires no recovery time and that is not painful. In fact, lipomassage, which can be practiced all over the body and that lasts 45 to 60 minutes per treatment, is a gentle and very relaxing technique.

 The Lipomassage device is equipped with two independent motorized rolls that gently work the skin to release fat deposits and deeply reactivate blood and lymph circulation as well the process of lipolysis, all for more than 70% fat removal.

 By allowing optimal blood circulation and an effective elimination of toxins, lipomassage fights against cellulite, but it also boost the skin’s production of collagen and elastin in order to make it more firm and smooth. In addition, lipomassage also frees resistant fat deposits that are difficult to get rid of, despite physical activity, proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Compared to liposuction

 You may wonder why more and more people are turning to lipomassage rather than liposuction. First, as you know now, lipomassage is a very gentle and non-invasive technology in comparison to liposuction that involves general anesthesia and a recovery time of up to six weeks.

 Furthermore, in terms of prices, the average cost of a Lipomassage session is 110$ while a liposuction can cost up to 10 000$ when multiple areas are treated in the same surgery. Of course, many lipomassage sessions are needed to achieve the desired results, however, it goes from 8 to 35 treatments depending on the case, all for a total a cost significantly lower than liposuction.

 Finally, although liposuction allows the fast removal of a large amount of fat cells, it unfortunately doesn’t work on cellulite because the target area, meaning the fat layer being removed during the surgery, is not the one where cellulite develops. Meanwhile, lipomassage directly attacks dimpling and orange peel to remove cellulite effectively.

The other effects of lipomassage

 You now know that Lipomassage is THE ultimate anti-cellulite treatment. However, it’s not the only positive effect it offers! In addition to target cellulite and dimpled skin, it also aims to destock stubborn fat, firm the skin and reshape the body. What does this mean in practice? That with the lipomassage, you will not only find a smooth and firmer skin, but you will also be able to get rid of the weight you fail to lose despite many efforts. Whether it’s your abdomen, buttocks, thighs or love handles that bothers you, lipomassage allows a contour reduction and a great sculpting effect. 

The results

 One advantage of lipomassage is its great versatility. Indeed, according to the budget of the client, the time she has to complete her treatments as well as the level of work involved, excellent results can be achieved from only 8 treatments. Here are the results obtained by one of our clients after a cure of 8 lipomassage treatments at our clinic that targeted more specifically her waist:

Another example of the versatility of lipomassage is the use that can be done of it with other technologies such as Venus Freeze. The use of these two technologies in tandem allows a great sculpting effect, since the fat that is initially heated by the Venus Freeze is, during the same treatment, directly eliminated through the draining action of Lipomassage.

Of course, both treatments also allow excellent results in solo, but the combination of the two allows faster results by giving the body the “little push” it needs to quickly eliminate stubborn fat worked during the treatment. Here are the results of a Venus Freeze and lipomassage duo cure performed here at Skins Montreal, for a client who has achieved an amazing weight loss of more than 100 pounds and whose skin needed help to get back its tone and elasticity :

Sure thing, lipomassage is a treatment that can be adapted to a variety of different needs and a multitude of different cases. The ideal thing to do in order to discover the treatment plan that will suit your specific needs is to meet with one of our specialists who will be happy to receive you for a free evaluation.

Following this meeting, she will develop for you a 100% personalized treatment plan that will allow you to obtain optimal results.

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