Since many people, especially women, are prone to couperosis and rosacea, we decided to offer you a first Skins Montreal case study to present the comprehensive treatment plan developed for our client, Majorie, who was suffering from rosacea herself. In this article, you’ll learn more about her story, about her many attempts to treat her skin condition and about the treatment plan proposed by our team to achieve it. A little hint on our winning solution: Adapted beauty routine, photorejuvenation and maintenance!

Couperosis, rosacea… What’s the difference?


We often get asked what’s the difference between couperosis and rosacea, which is not surprising since these two skin conditions are very similar and close to one another. First of all, couperosis is the result of apermanent dilation of the blood vessels of the face, especially on cheekbones, on the forehead and on the chin, resulting in vivid redness. For its part, rosacea is a probleme said mixte and from a bacterial cause as it takes the form of couperosis accompanied by skin rashes. Besides, as you will read in Majorie’s story, rosacea is often mistaken with acne since it causes skin rashes, despite the fact that these two skin conditions are very different from each other and should not be treated the same way at all.

You are probably wondering if it is possible to completely eliminate couperosis or rosacea? Well let’s face it, a person who is prone to these skin conditions will always be… However, you will see in this article that it is possible, through appropriate treatments and beauty routine, to control them very effectively in order not to see their negative effects on the skin!


Majorie’s story


After several unsuccessful attempts to treat her skin condition, Majorie decided to visit us here, at Skins Montreal, where her situation was taken care of by our team of professionals. She took the time to write, as part of this case study, her story as well as her experience at the clinic. Here it is:

For starters, I never really had skin problems or acne in my adolescence. It all started at the age of 21 when I started having a rashes my cheeks, my chin and my forehead. At that time, I had obtained a machinist job and I believed that the products I worked with may have been the cause of my skin problem.

After nearly two years of seeing my skin condition deteriorate, I got pregnant and I had to stop working given the risky conditions of my job. I told myself that this would allow me to see if my job was really what caused me these skin problems. Unfortunately, it only got worse ..

I then consulted a dermatologist who told me I should take accutane – a medecine designed to treat acne – but since I was pregnant, it was impossible at that moment. I had to wait another nine months at least before I can hope to see my skin problems improve. In due time, I took accutane which had for only effect to extremely dry out my skin without resolving the problem of rashes and redness.

I learned later that I actually suffered from extreme drought and rosacea. Needless to say that during all those years, my self-esteem has been affected very much… Then one day, a colleague told me about Skins Montreal and their pulsed light treatment (IPL) to treat couperosis and rosacea. I had nothing to lose by trying as I suffered and as my face was at that time affected more than ever.

What a miracle, after many years trying pharmacy creams that were not working, to have finally found the solution to my problems!! After meeting with a specialist, the verdict was to rehydrate my skin as much as possible before beginning the pulsed light treatment.

In combination with appropriate facial treatments, a beauty routine suited to my skin condition with SkinsCeuticals’ products was suggested to me. I followed it very carefully and the results spoked for themselves. Subsequently, a serie of pulsed light (IPL) treatments was initiated to stop the rosacea and the results were simply impressive.

Personnaly, SkinsCeuticals’ products are now part of my daily beauty routine and the treatments I have received at Skins Montreal have finally resolved my rosacea problem.

That was my little story  [:)]


The treatment plan

As you’ve read in Majorie’s testimony, the verdict was clear: She suffered from rosacea and extreme dehydration. Since all of this had been compounded by taking Accutane, a medecine that is very drying to atrophy the sebaceous glands in the treatment of acne, it was imperative to rehydrate her skin and to soothe her face up before anything else. Indeed, it is very important when doing a photorejuvenation cure, that the skin is very well hydrated and that it doesn’t present any lesion in order to prevent damages and to ensure optimal results.

Thus, three facials were made in the space of a month : two moisturizing facials to soothe Majorie’s skin and deeply hydrate it, and a microdermabrasion to eliminate the important amount of dead cells on the surface of her epiderm. Her skin soothed and then being properly prepared, a cure of 4 photorejuvenationtreatments to treat Majorie’s rosacea was initiated. The whole process took place over a period of 4 months, one treatment per month, and was followed by one extra treatment five months after the end of the cure. Not only did the IPL treatments eliminate Majorie’s redness, but photorejuvenation treatments improving skin appearance at several levels, they also helped correct the little flaws of her complexion, leaving it uniform and bright.

Moreover, apart from the photorejuvenation treatments, these impressive results are due to a beauty routine developed for Marjorie that she followed very carefully. Indeed, the daily beauty routine applied at home is of great importance when one wishes to treat a particular skin condition, but also to maintain a youthful, moisturized and healthy skin even if it doesn’t present any problematic condition. So, here are the SkinCeuticals’ products that were used by Majorie during her treatments period and that she still uses diligently to maintain the great results obtained :

Gentle cleanser SkinsCeuticals

Day and night

  • Specially formulated for sensitive or fragile skin
  • Cleanses and removes impurities without drying off the skin

Phyto corrective Gel SkinCeuticals

Day and night

  • Light texture serum
  • For sensitive or problem skin
  • Soothing and calming

Gel hydratant B5 Skinceuticals

Day and night

  • • Intensely moisturizes the skin and gives it the necessary nutrients to a young and smooth appearance
  • • Strengthens skin repair capacity

Crème émollience SkinCeuticals

Day and night

  • Rich and restorative moisturizer
  • Absorbs quickly and evenly
  • Perfect for dry or sensitive skin

 Physical UV defense FPS 50 Skinceuticals


  • Mattifying fluid with 100% mineral filters
  • Provides high UVA and UVB protection
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

This routine has been specially developed for Majorie’s needs and aims to moisturize her skin deeply, soothe it to the maximum and protect it from sun damage, all in order to fight her rosacea. It is important to mention here that every person, even if she has the same skin condition than another person, has a unique skin and unique needs.

Thus, it is important to consult a specialist who will guide you, following an exam of your skin, to the right products to use to ensure optimal results. Speaking of which, you can get a totally free consultation with one of our experts for this purpose!


Maintenance, prevention and protection

Now that you know the effective treatment plan that has been proposed to Marjorie to eliminate the negative effects of rosacea on her skin, it is important to note that other aspects need to be taken into account to obtain optimal results and above all, in order to maintain them!

The sun : If you were not already aware of this, the sun is one of the worst enemies of rosacea. Indeed, a skin that suffers from rosacea is already very sensitive and the sun will only worsen the situation and dehydrate the skin even more. Thus, it is absolutely essential for anyone who suffers from rosacea to protect its skin as much as possible by using adequate sun protection, such as Majorie does daily, and by avoiding prolonged exposures to sunlight. Hats are a must when the sun is beating down and that it is not possible to be in the shade for a long time.

Hydration : You now know that dehydration is very harmful to someone who suffers from rosacea since it is imperative for the skin to be very well hydrated so it can be soothed and it can regenerate, eliminating the negative effects of rosacea. 

Of course, and as described above, several excellent products can be used to moisturize the skin, but it is important not to overlook a very important factor which will have a direct influence on the hydration of the skin : the quantity of water drunk every day. Thus, the famous 2 liters of water a day should be drank and actually represents, for a person who suffers from rosacea, the bare minimum that should be followed. Indeed, ensuring an optimal hydration of the body, through a large water consumption, will allow products and treatments to be all the more effective by working in combination with a properly hydrated skin “from the inside”.

Maintenance and Prevention : There is no secret … A person with rosacea may have recourse to the best possible care, if she does not maintain her skin daily and following the treatment, rosacea will persist or will, at least, reappear a couple months after the treatment. This also applies to any skin condition to be treated, whether it’s acne, couperosis, rosacea, sagging skin, premature aging, etc.

As you may have noticed, Majorie is the perfect example of a client who makes sure to take care of her skin on a daily basis through the use of appropriate products and that maintains the good results obtained this way and by continuing to receive several times a year, adapted facials cares. By acting this way, even if the treatment plan is completed and that the negative effects of her rosacea are no longer visible, she ensures to maintain such good results and display a beautiful skin for still a long time.

Results before and after the treatment :


In conclusion

Finally, as you will have seen in this Skins case study, it is quite possible to eliminate the negative effects of rosacea in order to allow the persone who suffers from it to regain clear, bright and soothed skin that doesn’t show redness. The solution is simply to comply with an effective treatment plan that has been developed by experts and to take care of your skin daily through an adapted beauty routine.

If, as Majorie, you have rosacea or another skin condition and you feel short of solutions, we will be happy to welcome and to provide you a completely free assessment of your condition in order to present you an effective treatment plan.