You probably won’t be surprised to know that here, at Skins Montreal, we LOVE the products line Corpa Flora. Whether it is because they are natural, highly effective, organic, eco-friendly, not tested on animals, proudly made in Montreal or because they rely on the use of oils to give the skin all the elements it needs, Corpa Flora products have certainly not finished to seduce us! Let us explain why :

No more water, say welcome to oils!

Contrary to what one might think, the real hydration our skin comes from our diet and the amount of water we drink every day. Thus, applying water on our skin will have very little influence it’s level of hydration, partly because our skin rejects it rather than absorbing it. Yet water is the main ingredient used in beauty creams and some are made up to 80% of water. This is where Corpa Flora intervenes by offering an effective alternative avenue that is in complete agreement with the skin : oils!

Indeed, unlike water which simply refreshes our skin in surface before evaporating, vegetal oils are in perfect agreement with the structure of the epidermis, which allows rapid absorption and assimilation by our skin. Thus, the oils help maintaining our natural moisture level by creating a solid lipidic barrier that prevents the evaporation of the water in our skin, in addition to nourrish it, to plump it and to stabilize it’s sebum production.

Corpa Flora also made the choice not to dilute its lipidic formulations with water to provide a 100% pure formula of optimum efficiency, which also avoids the addition of preservatives ingredients which are needed in water containing formulas.

In other words, using a Corpa Flora product is applying quality active ingredients on your skin that are compatible with it, and nothing else!

The ingredients

As you now know, Corpa Flora products are mainly composed of oils. The vegetal oils used come from fruits’ seeds that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential acids, polyphenols and other nutrients that brings multiple benefits to the skin. Another important fact is that the ingredients used are chosen with great care to ensure that they come from renewable stem, another choice that demonstrates the ecological concerns Corpa Flora.

Being free of preservatives agents, only a natural antioxidant is added to the lipidic formulas of the line to retard the rancidityof the oils. In addition, Corpa Flora products contain no parabens, no silicone, no mineral oil, and the products line prohibits the use of more than one hundred other products deemed harmful for our body. You can find the full list right here :

The products

You now understand that Corpa Flora aims to do more with less! This results in a simple yet complete line, which offers multi-functional products suitable for many types and skin conditions. The company indeed develops formulas that meet multiple needs and skin types through a single product, rather than developing many products that have only one function each.

Beauté divine

This cleansing oil is THE quintessential care to clean the skin in depth, remove makeup and moisturize it well before applying your day or night skincare. Again, the oils prove themselves by allowing to eliminate sebum excess and all traces of makeup – even waterproof mascara – without you having to indefinitely rub the delicate skin of your face. Indeed, when applied on the face, the cleansing oil combines itself with the natural skin oils and makeup oils in order to eliminate them effectively. When in contact with water, the oil turns into milk and when rinsed, it removes the impurities while maintaining the natural pH of the skin. In other words, using Divine Beauty is smoothly cleaning your skin and properly preparing it to receive the day or night skincare without drying it, therefore avoiding the overproduction of sebum and the appearance of pimples or black dots. No wonder why this very effective cleaner won so many beauty awards, including the facial cleanser of the year in 2015! A well-deserved honor for this product we love.

Grenadine et Éclat Citrouille

The excellent vegetal cocktails Grenadine and Éclat Citrouille respectively replace the day and night cream, or if desired, can also be used as serum followed by a moisturizer of your choice. Things we love about these two lipidic complexes is that they are suitable for all skin types (even the most sensitive skin), they moisturize deeply, they are absorbed quickly and they balance sebum production. Yes yes, you read right : the oils are excellent for combination to oily skin since, contrary to what one might think, they slow their production of sebum when in contact with oil. Finally, Grenadine and Éclat Citrouille possess excellent anti-aging properties, whether you are looking for a preventive or corrective effect!

Antidote 01 Firming

One of the prefered products of the line when you want to fight against the signs of age, Antidote 01 has a “botox-like” effect that acts on the micro-contractions of the face to achieve an immediate and lasting smoothing action. It also improves elasticity, firmness and hydration of the skin, all for a preventive and a corrective action that we love! Always with a fast absorbing oil textue, this product can be used day or night, alone or followed by a moisturizer of your choice, and it has healing, anti-inflammatory and restructuring properties which, combined with its delicate scent of roses, make it one of our favorite products at the clinic! 

Other products

In addition to all this, the line also offers two types of scrubs, a nourishing body oil, very sweet bamboo washcloths to clean the delicate skin of the face, a cosmetics pouche as well as various sets to discover Corpa the Flora products or to buy the essential products of the line!

What’s new for 2016

 Corpa Flora reserves great surprises for 2016 with the arrival of two new Antidotes! The first one, Antidote 02 Retinol Effect, possess the anti-wrinkle properties of retinoic acid but without the irritating and photosensitizing effect of this well known anti-aging agent. Meanwhile, Antidote 03 Anti-Redness effect will treat and soothe reactive or sensitive skin as well as skin with rosacea, which is difficult to treat without corticosteroids. Again, Corpa Flora wants to offer soft, natural alternatives to chemicals normally used, all at a very affordable price.

Moreover, the line is currently in a funding period to raise enough money to purchase patented molecules that will allow it to develop these two new Antidotes. The line offers 5 investment amounts ranging between 10$ and 99$, which, once the monetary target reached, will give free products of the line to all those who invested in the project. If you are interested to invest an amount for the development of these two new Antidotes and would like to try them as soon as they’ll come on the market, you can do it here :

Learn More

That says it all, you now understand why we love so much the excellent Corpa Flora products! You can also get more details on the line by visiting the company’s web site that contains a lot of relevant information :